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Benjamin Day and his friends track the biggest stories around the world and report in Ben Daily News

Robert Lovenheim and Dustin Hahn


About us


Ben Daily News is created by Dustin Hahn and Robert Lovenheim. Even though we present our stories as motion comix, our goal is to get the facts right. Ben and his friends are fiction, but the big news stories they investigate are all true.


We think of ourselves as new visual journalists in an age of smartphones and tablets; when information must be quick, perceptive, and intense.


What you see on this site is possible because of the dedication and energetic work of many people. All believe in the idea of Ben Daily News and hope we’ll find the funding to continue and grow. This is the beginning of…”See the news, not read the news.”



Director/Editor: Dustin Hahn
Reporter: Robert Lovenheim
Poster: Daniel Rubinstein
Illustrators: Daniel Rubinstein, Sarah Ferber, Ron Zalme,
Voices: Stephanie Eris, Dustin Hahn, Greg Hahn, Gayle Humphrey Ryan Hoffman, Erina Sanders, Eric Schussler, Aubrey Sinn, Trevor James Warren
Strategist: Irwin Hahn
Web design: LCS Webs
Produced by Storypoint.us
contact: bendaily@storypoint.us


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Screen Shots
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